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Feverscan Forehead Temperature Strips - Disposable Thermometers - 500 Per Case

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Feverscan Forehead Temperature Strips - Disposable Thermometers - 500 Per Case

- Forehead Temperature Monitor
Temperature Screening range 94 - 104 degrees Fahrenheit
Self Applied- Adhesive Backed
Read at a Distance
No Staff - Patient Contact
Maintains Social Distancing
Disposable, Latex Free
Made in the USA

1. Remove backing liner and apply monitor to center of forehead, just above eyebrows. Skin surface should be clean and dry.
2. Read monitor when the boxes stop changing color (generally 15 seconds), and while still on the forehead.
3. Green indicates the correct temperature; if green does not appear, the temperature is between blue and tan.

Substrate: Polyester
Adhesive: Hypoallergenic, pressure sensitive acrylate
Carrier: Transparent 3 mil polyethylene film
Release Liner: Bleached Kraft-Glassine paper, silicone coated on both sides, 3.5 mils
Operating temp: -1 to 82°C (continuous use)
Color Change Material: Non toxic mixture of liquid crystal esters
Accuracy: ± 1.0ºF / 0.6°C
Storage & Handling: Store at 60 to 104ºF (15.6 to 40ºC).
Optimal Storage: at 60 to 80ºF (15.6ºC to 26.7ºC) in 40 to 60% RH

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